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Although it's already been up and running for a short time, we are excited to formally announce the launch of our website here at www.diversifiedbean.co, and we are equally pleased you've decided to stop by and check us out. Our goal in creating this site was of course to showcase Diversified Bean as a company along with our values, processes, and objectives; however, we also hope that we can use the site as an effective platform for communication within the dry bean, specialty crops and agriculture communities. 

The web is no doubt so much more socially interactive now than ever before - with unlimited ways to access and share information and ideas. The online landscape of opportunities for businesses to innovate has continued to take shape in the world of Web 2.0 and in the spirit of that evolution, we offer this website up to our growers, stakeholders and customers as an ongoing conversation to engage in regularly. So please, check back often for updated content focused on industry news, market information, prices, discussion, company promotions and much more. 

We thrive on feedback, so do not hesitate to contact us to ask a question or make a suggestion. 


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